This page helps you find the best products for dust mite allergy.  I’ve struggled with dust mite allergy symptoms since I was young and the products below helped me to reduce allergy symptoms, improve indoor hygiene, and clean the air in my home.

When I first began cleaning my home, I looked for “quick fixes”.  Unfortunately “quick fixes” rarely last or work.  I learned to invest in high-quality products that had research backing their design.  Things to look for are:

1) HEPA filters for vacuums and air purifiers

2) Small pore space for bed covers

3) High MERV rating for HVAC filters

I hope this provides some help in your dust mite protection. I’m not compensated by any of these brands, I simply rank them based on quality, reputation, customer feedback, and my personal experience.  I am part of a program where I earn a commission if you click to Amazon and purchase a product.

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