Are Dust Mites Dangerous To Humans (The Invisible Threat)

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Can something as small as a dust mite be dangerous to humans? The surprising truth is yes!

Dust mites are microscopic, invisible to the human eye and live in our homes. Most people don’t even know they exist, however they serve a valuable purpose.

Until recently I didn’t know what dust mites were or where they lived, however, I was surprised to learn that I had been living near them my entire like.

Even worse, dust mites had been affecting my health in ways I never understood. In the sections below, I’ll share 3 ways dust mites can be dangerous to humans. I’ll also share why dust mites are not something the majority of households should worry about (in most cases they are harmless).

3 Ways Dust Mites Can Be Dangerous To Humans

Dust mites can, in fact, be dangerous in humans in a few ways.

Do members of your family have allergic disease including asthma and eczema?

Do you have small children or babies that are showing signs of allergies like a rash, itchy eyes, and chronic cough?

In the sections below I’ll cover the three main reasons to be aware of dust mites and figure out if they are dangerous to you!are dust mites dangerous to human health

#1 Asthma Dangers

Asthma is a chronic disease characterized by inflammation of the airways. Asthma makes it challenging for individuals to achieve a full breath of air due to their airway being constricted.

According to WebMD, 25 million Americans are affected by asthma and the disease causes 2 million visits to the hospital each year.

Having an asthma attack, especially your first one, can be a terrifying and life-threatening experience.

Asthma is often triggered by allergies including the dust mite. They are a common cause of allergic asthma!

Because dust mites live in bedrooms and in our beds, dust mites can be a constant threat to our health

#2 Allergy Dangers

Even if you don’t have asthma you can still have allergies (this is my problem). Dust mites can be dangerous to people with allergies and cause rashes, chronic cough, watery eyes, and rhinitis (persistent stuffy nose).

I grew up always feeling exhausted and never sleeping well. I was irritable and confused as to why I always felt ill.

Most people might not think that allergies are cause for concern but I disagree. My allergies were so severe that I saw dust mites as very dangerous.

In order to reduce my symptoms, I fixed the areas in my room that dust mites prefer. I put allergy covers on my mattress and pillow. I tore out the carpet and began using a HEPA air purifier that could filter dust mite allergens from the air.

I removed dust mite allergens (live, dead, and fecal matter) and they were no longer a threat to my health.

#3 Baby And Children Dangers

Adults who have experiences asthma and allergies can usually take care of themselves. They can learn about the dangers of dust mites and take steps to protect themselves.

It’s a different story for babies and young children who can’t communicate how they feel and can’t understand how they feel. Allergies and asthma are on the rise and even healthy families may have children who suddenly become sensitized to the allergic protein found in dust mites.

As a parent, it’s extremely important to look for signs of dust mite allergy in your child. Rashes, dry cough, labored breathing, mouth breathing, and eczema are a few (but not all) of the symptoms that can emerge from a reaction to dust mites.

With children, dust mites can pose a serious danger and it’s important for parents to be observant.

For Most People, Dust Mites Are Harmless

15% of the American population has allergies and 7% experience asthma.

Outside of allergies and asthma, there is little to worry about when it comes to dust mites. Therefore, 75-80% of the population doesn’t have a reason to worry about dust mites.

Managing dust mite populations should be a natural part of our indoor cleaning routine. Even if you don’t experience allergies, it’s wise to clean up dust in your home on a regular basis. Removing dust from your house will definitely reduce dust mites

Unless you look under a microscope you’ll never see a dust mites but you can count on them living in your bed, in your carpets, and in your couch. The thought of dust mites on your bed and in your couch is disturbing I know but clean regularly and you’ll be breathing healthy, fresh air.


For most individuals, dust mites aren’t dangerous, but they can be extremely problematic for the 20-25% of people who experience asthma attacks and allergies. Children should also be observed to make sure they aren’t unwittingly suffering from dust mite exposure.

Taking the necessary steps to clean your house, as well as covering the bed, and using strong air filters can help everyone breathe easier. Even people who aren’t bothered by dust mites can appreciate a clean living environment.

As someone who suffered from dust mite allergy for years before recognizing it, I hope you can take steps to protect yourself and your family from this invisible yet dangerous dust mite.

Thanks for reading another Dust Mite Solutions article. Visit my homepage to learn more about allergy and my experience with dust mites.

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